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Let us vote for India….

The festival of democracy is back with the upcoming election 2019 and its celebration is important to all of us. Since the days Licchavi, Vaishali gave world its first republic, Indians have their DNA coated with democratic values and we re-impose the faith and allegiance to our republic and constitution during elections.

All previous elections had almost similar agenda, slogans, demands etc. but this election has brought a paradigm shift in their narratives. Between the last and current elections thing have changed from perennial demands for subsidy to voluntarily giving-up subsidies; from demand for few hours of electricity to managing household lighting for a healthy environment; from asking for removal of privileges like red beacon to seeing leaders travelling in metros; from scandals and corruption to digital economy; from state check-posts to E-WayBills; from days of running around for certificate attestation to trust in all countrymen; from women struggling to get few jobs to equal representation in all spheres and from struggling to defend from terror to eliminating terrorists in their own backyard. The permanent headlines of inflation and plethora of scams are missing (the 1st general election also had 1948 Jeep scandal scam as an issue). Talks of high growth, more exports, more jobs and more empowerment are common cry of all the political parties. This election is not about negativity, outlays and stagnancy but about the positivity, outcomes and dynamism.

This election the picture is not about how deep are the trenches of bad economy, corruption, riots, inflation and terrorism, it is about young India asking for new pinnacles of high growth, ease of getting services and doing business, more harmony, and bulldozing of terrorists in their hideouts, even if they are beyond our boundaries. This election throws a challenge and provides an opportunity to all us to vote for empowerment, sustainable growth, equality without any discriminations and appeasements and making India a true world leader. Only a strong and responsive government with a tougher will power can do this. We need a government to support all Indians to become Citius, Altius and Fortius not the one needing crutches for survival.

This election India has changed its narrative from ‘Kuch to de do Bhai’ to ‘Ye Dil Maange More…..”.