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Lab protocols

Preparation of minimal media for uniform stable isotope (15N, 13C, 2H) labeling of protein

NMR sample preparation

Sample preparation for metabonomics of bio-fluids (Plasma/Serum, urine)


Random coil chemical shifts for 1H, 13C, 15N nuclei in proteins


Product operator of COSY and HSQC

NMR teaching web links

1. Basics of NMR by Joseph P. Hornak: Read the book

2. Lectures on NMR spectroscopy by James Keeler, University of Ottawa NMR facility. (Listen the lectures)

Lecture 1 : Energy levels  Lecture 2 : The vector model Lecture 3 : Fourier Transformation

Lecture 4 : Product Operators-1 Lecture 5 : Product Operators-2 Lecture 6 : Product Operators-3

Lecture 7: Two-Dimensional NMR-1 Lecture 8 : Two-Dimensional NMR-2 Lecture 9 : Relaxation-1

Lecture 10 : Relaxation-2 Lecture 11 : Relaxation-3 Lecture 12 : Coherence Selection-1

Lecture 13 : Coherence Selection-2 Lecture 14 : Coherence Selection-3