Ph.D. Students

Garima Verma (2014)

Priyanka Aggarwal (2015)

Pooja Kumari (2016)

Anupam Patra (2017)

Sonam Sharma (2018)

Priya Yadav (2019)


Research Associate

Dr. Tenzin Choedon


Technical Assistant

Ajay Kumar


Project Assistants

Mohit Kumar (2019)


Former members

Dr. Bolaji Fatai Oyeyemi (Ph.D., Arturo Falaschi Fellow 2015-2019
Thesis title: Study of metabolic dysregulation and microbiome in oral cancer among smoke-less tobacco abusers
Current Address:Lecturer III, Department of Science Technology, The Federal Polytechnic, P.M.B. 5351, Ado-Ekiti, NIGERIA

Dr. Nitesh Kumar 
Project title:
Current AddressScientist, Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS), Patna

Dr. Nupur Rani Agarwal (SERB N-PDF, 2017-2019)
Project title
Current AddressNew Delhi

Dr. Gajraj Singh Kushwaha (DST Research Scientist, 2015-2018)
Project title: Structural and functionl studies on stringent response enzyme Rel protein
Current Address: New Delhi

Dr. Jatin Shrinet (Ph.D. 2012-2017)
Thesis title:System biology approaches to understand host-pathogen interactions in CHIKV/DENV co-infections
Current Address: Florida State University, USA

Dr. Akshay Kumar Ganguly (Ph.D. 2010-2015)
Thesis title:Biophysical investigation on protein complexes involved in Plasmodium falciparum survival and pathogenicity
Current Address:Medical devices division, Sysmex Corporation, Kobe, Hyogo, JAPAN.

Dr. Maruthi Kashyap (Ph.D., 2008-2014)
Thesis title:Biophysical investigation on RNA binding proteins involved in transcriptional regulations in humans
Current Address: Staff Scientist, New York Structural Biology Center, NY, USA.

Dr. Harshesh Bhatt (Ph.D., 2008-2013)
Thesis title:Structural, dynamics and folding studies on RNA binding proteins
Current Address: Area Manager, Amazon, Concord, Ontario, CANADA

Mr. Nishant Kumar Pandey (SRF., 2012-2015)
Project title:Architechture and structure of Yad fimbriae of uropathogenic Escherichia coli
Current Address: INDIA.

Group members (2008-2015)